Saturday, 30 July 2016

The Genius Of Nick Cave

#9: Worm Tamer

Some find Grinderman's sound disarming. Others might describe it as disturbing, while yet others may just find it downright disgusting. Personally, I think they were one of the best things to happen to Nick and his cohorts. If it weren't for Grinderman, we probably wouldn't have had 'Dig! Lazarus, Dig!!!' by the Bad Seeds. Worm Tamer, from Grinderman's second and final album, is seriously intense. Soundwise, it's pure scuzzy filth, all distortion and feedback mixed with murky sludge. Live, it proved tough to replicate according to Nick, but this version from 'Later... With Jools Holland' in 2011 is pretty damn close. It's clear no instrument is safe in the hands of Warren Ellis, and if you think his beard is something to behold, check out his shoes at 2:26! Ferocious and phenomenal.

My traditional summer wind-down starts next week. Fewer posts throughout August, though this series, and the culmination of Welsh Wednesday, will continue.


  1. I love Nick Cave but did not like the Grinderman project. This is his Bowie Tin Machine phase.

  2. I enjoyed the Grinderman albums a lot, though hadn't seen this fantastic clip before - cheers!

  3. Grinderman? A bit hit'n'miss but agree that without them we wouldn't have gotten the sort of Bad Seeds albums of recent times.

    Saw them live at the hallowed Glasgow Barrowlands a few years back. They kicked ass....serious ass at that!!