Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Welsh Wednesday #94

Dybyl Jin a Tonic by Meinir Gwilym

Staying on the alcoholic beverage theme of last week... Anglesey's Meinir Gwilym featured in the second Welsh Wednesday post back whenever it was (September 2014, actually), and she was also on one of my reposted podcasts. This track is a lighthearted number from her second album about having a drink with a schizophrenic stranger while "laughing at the guy with the guitar". Bit harsh, seeing as she's a musician herself. But still. It's all in Welsh of course, but I've included a lyric video below which has English translations.

No booze next week, I promise. I have something a little more sobering lined up for you. Having said that, I'm sure you'll all raise a glass with me to cheer on Wales tonight. COME ON BOYS!


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  1. Yes, Robster, all the very best for this evening, I do sincerely hope you beat the shit out of the Portuguese!! Sorry, George, that doesn't mean you, of course!