Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Genius Of Nick Cave

#5: Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow

Post-'The Boatman's Call', Nick and the Bad Seeds faced a period of critical ambivalence. It wasn't that the albums that followed were bad, they just didn't excite in quite the way their previous work did. It took another couple of records before the critics started salivating again. Yet there were some real pearls during this time. Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow may, on the surface, sound like a tragic tale of children being buried in severe winter conditions. But it's actually somewhat allegorical; the 'snow' is a powdery substance so beloved of celebrities. For the video, Nick roped in a few friends who, in their time, reputedly quite enjoyed a little 'snow flurry'. A couple of them are quite famous...

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  1. The thing is...those albums from the early part of the new century haven't, for the most part, aged well. Even playing live at that time he seemed to play things down a bit.