Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Welsh Wednesday #96

French Lessons by Future Of The Left

I've already espoused Cardiff's Future Of The Left in numerous previous posts, but today I'm featuring an altogether different type of track from them. It's quieter and more reflective. According to bassist Julia Ruzicka: "French Lessons is a song (and it is a song) about love and marriage, principally concerned with the idea that both are a trap where both sexes are forced to fill predetermined roles which limit then crush their human spirit and joy. This, of course, is absolute horseshit. If you make it dull, contemptible or lifeless then that's on you. There's a bit at the end about a unicyclist, who really exists in space and time. He emailed us. He wasn't happy."

I shall, of course, take her word for it. Julia, as well as being a brilliant bass player, also seems to dabble in making videos for the band. She directed and produced the one for French Lessons. Can't tell you if it has anything whatsoever to do with the song - who knows what goes on in an artist's mind - but I'm pretty sure there's no mention of penguins in the lyrics...


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