Saturday, 9 July 2016

The Genius Of Nick Cave

#6: The Weeping Song

Under-appreciated at the time, the sixth Bad Seeds album 'The Good Son' is now regarded very highly. It marked a departure from its dark, sinister predecessors with Nick moving to Brazil, falling in love and spending time in rehab lending a quieter, relaxed and reflective mood to the record. The Weeping Song may be its darkest moment - a duet between Nick and Blixa, Nick is the son, Blixa is the father. The video is another example of pure hilarity though. There was either no budget, or the budget was spent on stuff other than the video! Either way, it's charmingly cheesy, and the pair of them look like they're having the best time.


  1. Like many of us, I've been spinning a lot of Nick's music lately, but have managed to miss most of this series, so will be indulging in a little trawling of your archives to catch up. Great video.

  2. This video was once aired on The Max Headroom Show on Channel 4. I have the clip somewhere on VHS....