Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Welsh Wednesday #98

Molly Drove Me Away by The People The Poet

You may remember a couple months ago I featured a band from Pontypridd called Climbing Trees. Well, also from Ponty is The People The Poet. They're a four-piece who came up with a novel way of writing their first album. They had friends and fans send them true stories of events in their lives, and these stories were used to base the songs on. The album was released late 2013 and entitled 'The Narrator'. It's a damn fine listen. 

The band also run a charity called Music Is My Medicine, after a saying used by an early fan and supporter of the band who was diagnosed with breast cancer. They wrote a song Pink Ribbon for her and set up the charity with a view to raising money for Cancer Research UK. It was through this that the idea for the album was born - to have people suggest ideas for music to help others through certain times in their lives. Molly Drove Me Away is a song from that debut album.

A new 6-track EP 'Paradise Closed' came out in the Spring and that's well worth investigating too. Some cracking tracks on there, the video for one of them is lined up for a post in the autumn. Why wait? It'll make sense when I post it, believe me. For the trivia buffs among you: The People The Poet's guitarist is Tyla Campbell, son of none other than Motorhead's Phil Campbell. Tyla's brother Todd produced the album. Pretty talented family, then.


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