Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Genius Of Nick Cave

#7: Into My Arms

This extraordinary video has to rate among not just Nick Cave's finest, but one of the most touching of all time. Is Into My Arms about love, or is it about grief (or both)? I think it's one of those songs each individual derives his or her own meaning from. It opened the Bad Seeds' 10th album 'The Boatman's Call' from 1997, the quietest and most minimal-sounding record Nick ever made. Some of the songs are about PJ Harvey with whom he'd recently had a rather intense relationship with. It was a major departure for the group, but it is hailed as one of their best records. Apparently Cave played Into My Arms at Michael Hutchence's funeral. If you've not seen the vid before, I should warn those of an emotional and fragile nature that your cheeks might be rather damp after watching it.


  1. Another great piece of music and accompanying video, Robster. I love both, although Cave himself really doesn't like this video (as related on the DVD The Work of Director Jonathan Glazer).

  2. A wonderful song, my wife and I had it as our wedding song. I am greatly enjoying this series; I love the music but had not seen the videos before so they are a real bonus.

  3. If perfection is an attainable or measurable thing in pop music, then 'Into My Arms' must surely be an example of it. The single also boasts my favourite Nick Cave b-side, the wonderful 'Right Now I'm A-Roaming'.