Monday, 4 July 2016

Memories of a thousand* gigs #48 & #49

(* probably not actually that many, but who’s counting?)

I'd almost forgotten about this series. Just a few more tales to recount before it ends for good. Here's two short reminiscences of very different rap shows from the 90s before the final instalment next week.

#48: Senser
The Lemon Grove, Exeter University - circa 1994

Oh lord, 22 years ago! It's no wonder I forget who the support band was or who I went with. Neither can I find any trace of the actual date of the show. No matter, I think my head is still rattling from the explosive delivery of Senser. Political rap-rave-metal that tears you to shreds and scares mere mortals shitless. I can still see Heitham al-Sayed yelling his fierce polemic in my face. This show slayed me and, at the same, made me feel really fucking alive!

Still going strong, Senser have just released a new album. They played Cardiff last month on our wedding anniversary. That's the only reason I didn't go and see them again.


#49: Fun Lovin' Criminals
Great Hall, Exeter University - October 1998
Also present: Jim and Stu

I went to this one with two of my then-bandmates. Musically the band was great, but the two overriding memories I have are:

1) Top banter from Huey Morgan. To a pretty girl in the audience: "Hey baby... oh, wait, is that your boyfriend? Cause I don't wanna cause any trouble. He's... he's not your boyfriend? [deep and seductive voice] Hey baby..."

2) Being told off for dancing by some hip student girl in front of me. "Calm down!" she said. Like, what the fuck? There was no mosh pit, just people enjoyin' the groove. She was down the front but just wanted to stand completely still. I couldn't believe it. I told her to lighten up and dance before carrying on. Never experienced that either before or since. Bizarre. It was around this time I began to lose my faith in the younger generations. I was still only 27 myself...



  1. I believe that the support band were Rub Ultra. If it's the tour I'm thinking of.

  2. Sorry that was me swc...

  3. Holy crap, I do believe you're right 'n' all. I have hazy recollections of Rub Ultra being rather good, so this must be where they come from. Good call SWC!

  4. Senser were sensational.

    FLC were good up to a point but kind of a one-trick pony who soon ran out of steam. But Scooby Snacks remains a joy to listen to.