Monday, 25 July 2016

Vintage Vinyl 20

Supergrass - Mary 7" silver vinyl
The Vines - Fuck The World 7" white vinyl promo
Both bought from: Slipped Discs, Carmarthen
Price paid: £5 and £3

Before you baulk at the prices, I've found a few copies of these for sale online and none of them were as cheap as what I paid for them. They also look nice. We bought some small frames from Ikea for some coloured vinyl singles. These two look good in them, though we haven't decided were to hang them yet.

The Supergrass one is one of my fave tracks on their self-titled third album from 1999. The album itself is dead good, though not quite as good as the one that followed it, 'Life On Other Planets'. I always liked Supergrass, one of Britpop's best and most consistently excellent bands. There's two versions of Mary on the single - the album version and a live version recorded for Steve Lamacq's show on BBC Radio One.

The Vines single appears to be a US promo. It has just the one track - the b-side has nothing cut on it. It wasn't intended to be a proper single, merely a taster from the band's upcoming second album 'Winning Days'. It was listed on the album as F.T.W. In the current climate - the rise of the repulsive Right on both sides of the Atlantic (a la Farage, Trump et al), religious extremism, Putin and, maybe worst of all, that cunt Adele - Fuck The World is probably a very apt statement.

We saw the Vines on Later... With Jools Holland back around the time of their first album in 2003. Craig Nicholls destroyed the set much to Jools' amusement. MrsRobster thought Craig was completely fucked up and, in a rare show of spontaneity, emailed a betting shop the next day and asked for odds on him committing suicide. I couldn't believe she actually did that, the crazy bitch! The bookies told her they don't accept "negative bets", which was probably a good thing. Nicholls was diagnosed with Asperger's shortly after which explained his erratic behaviour somewhat, and is happily still very much alive.

These days Supergrass are no more but Gaz Coombes is making some cracking solo stuff. The Vines are still around, though it's only Craig Nicholls from the original line-up. I've got some White Stripes singles on red and white vinyl that would look good on the wall too. Shame it will mean a trip to bloody Ikea to get some more frames...


As a bonus, here's The Vines with that Jools Holland performance in full:

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  1. With you on the quality of that particular Supergrass album. I'm also a big fan of the rather lovely annd understated 'Road to Rouen'

    I wrote a post about The Vines the other day for my place. It's not due for a few more weeks. It's all about my love for 'Highly Evolved'. Had no idea they were still going. Cheers for this.