Monday, 30 May 2016

Rolling Away

YouTube can get awfully distracting. I often find myself being diverted from my intended path down a little sidestreet full of Monty Python sketches and Family Guy clips and QI segments. It was during one such diversion that I found myself clicking on this, the rather wonderful video for the rather wonderful single Raintime by the rather wonderful Wolfgang Press. This came out in 1989. 1989! The first time I saw/heard this was on a VHS indie compilation. It had Nick Cave's Mercy Seat on it and the awful Church Of No Return by Christian Death.

Raintime still sounds odd, and for that reason hasn't really dated all that badly. (Well OK, maybe just a little). A couple of years later, they jumped on the indie-dance bandwagon, started having massive hit singles and wrote songs for Tom Jones. True! Time hasn't been quite so kind to the music of that era of Wolfgang Press.


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  1. Passed me totally by back in the day. Listened to a few things on the back of reading the 4AD book a while back. Like the little that I've picked up...including this.