Saturday, 21 May 2016

The Devil's Music

The Devil's In My Car by The B-52's

I reckon the B-52's would be one of Satan's fave bands, especially in their early days. I have no reason for thinking that, I just have this image of a big party in hell where all the girls have beehive hairdos and 'Wild Planet' is playing on loop. Everyone is dancing, naturally, including the big guy himself. As for his driving skills, well I'd love for him to drive me around. He'd definitely take no shit from the morons I have to put up with on the M4 every day in their Audis, BMWs and 4x4s. Their self-imposed rules of the road would no longer count, only Beelzebub's. He'd leave them for dust.


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  1. Thought this one might come up. Those first two albums are still really something more than 35 years later. Great pick!