Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Welsh Wednesday #88

Mad Hatter by Masters In France

Here's a band who are not exactly prolific, but when they do put something out, it's generally rather good and well received. Tom Robinson is a fan and has featured Masters In France on his 6 Music show on a number of occasions. He's in very good company - MrsRobster also rates them very highly indeed. Shame about their name - try Googling it and see if you can find anything about them!

I previously featured Masters In France in one of my early posts in the Memories of a thousand gigs series. Since then, they have been strangely quiet. Formed in 2008, the band has to date released just two EPs and a handful of singles. No album - or any sign of one - but then sometimes less is more. They did, however, do a cover of Bo Diddley's Playin' With My Friends for an Ikea advert. In January, they put out the single Vaporise, their first new track in more than three years, and once again it became a big favourite among radio presenters including Mr Robinson. Guitarist/keyboard player Eddie Jones has also been working on an electronic side project under the name Buck, but all has otherwise been fairly quiet on the Masters In France front of late.

Mad Hatter is a single from 2011. A mere 500 copies of the 7" were pressed, but only 50 ever made it out of the warehouse thanks to an arson attack at the Sony distribution where they were stored. It featured on their 'Inhale' EP later that year.

Masters In France don't really do music videos. Instead they make challenging, often surreal films to accompany their songs. Here's the one for Mad Hatter. Be warned - it's a little disturbing...

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  1. Now this is a song worth a repeat play. Without the video.