Saturday, 7 May 2016

The Devil's Music

Miss Lucifer by Primal Scream

Some devilish electronica today. Primal Scream are at their best when they add a touch of aggression to their music. Case in point: this no-holds-barred electro-onslaught which threatens to bury Bobby Gillespie's whispering without mercy. Shake it baby! I wish they'd make music like this nowadays. Have you heard that new album? I never thought the Scream, of all people, would compromise their art for the sake of moolah, but it seems that's what they've done. Sold their souls to the Devil's dollar. Sky Ferreira and Haim? Bobby wearing custom-made designer clothing? Give me a break. He's no longer a Marxist, he's as revolutionary as Marks & fucking Spencer! Burn, Bobby, burn!



  1. This is a real devil track by PS. I stopped following them after Evil Heat. Listening to their new songs it is an imperfect mixture of funny Sisters Of Mercy, nice Cure and Happy Charlatans. Once heard and soon forgotten.

  2. Yup.

    Latest Scream LP is dreadful and dull. Never thought I'd type those words.