Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Welsh Wednesday #89

Let's Go Round There by The Darling Buds

One of the very early Welsh Wednesday posts featured a track from the Darling Buds' last album. 80 posts in the series later, I'm returning to them. Here's the third single from their debut album, a track that hinted at the more psychedelic direction the band would take on their next record 'Crawdaddy'. Let's Go Round There has long been one of my top three Darling Buds songs. I was thrilled when they (or the current line-up, at least) played it when I saw them last year.

MrsRobster reckons Lets Go Round There sounds like it could have been made in 2016. She's not wrong, its sound is very contemporary. There's quite a bit of music around right now that sounds not unlike this. Psyche is very much 'the thing' at the moment, so perhaps it's time to dig out that second Darling Buds record.

They still play gigs every so often, but there's no new material. A shame perhaps, but then their small back catalogue is of such high quality, you can understand if they don't feel they could quite match it. They recently played Manchester's old-school indie festival Gigantic, and in November they'll be playing the entire 'Pop Said...' album live in Cardiff. Hmm... reckon that's another show to add to the list...

As well as the gigs, these days Andrea runs a children's theatre school in locations across South Wales. The other members from this original line-up have become a dietician, a recording studio engineer and a pub and hotel manager.


I never really liked the video. It's clear the record company had plans for Andrea. She looks like she should be in a Stock, Aitken & Waterman video a la Kylie and Sonia. Having said that, I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking she looks a dead ringer for Tanya Donelly here... This is certainly a good example of the video not suiting the song.


  1. Ah, Andrea. I never heard the last couple of albums. Should I? Eventually they will turn up at my local shop used and I'll complete the discography. Love love love the early stuff.

    1. Yes Brian, you certainly should. Both are rather different in sound, but each has some "cracking tunes" on them (to quote The Swede). Let me know if you have problems tracking them down.

  2. The video is very period piece- an attempt to cash in on Transvision Vamp's 'success' maybe