Friday, 27 May 2016

Dreams and Revelations

I fuckin' love the Coral. I was playing a homemade compilation of their singles the other day and there really isn't a weak track on it. Utterly brilliant, every single note of the damn thing. Their new album 'Distance Inbetween', their first without Bill Ryder-Jones, is my second favourite album of 2016 so far (my first is still 'Adore Life' by Savages). It's a real return to form, a beautiful mess of dirty psychedelic rock.

The thing with this record is it marks quite a dramatic shift in style. It's the first where there doesn't appear to be much of a folk influence, and the acoustic guitars of 2007's 'Roots And Echoes' and 'Butterfly House' from 2010 have been shoved to one side. 'Distance Inbetween' is firmly rooted in the late 60s, and the tunes are as top-notch a-bunch of songs as they've ever written. Miss Fortune is a great example of that:

I can't let a Coral post go without harking back to one of my all-time fave songs of theirs. Here's the very silly video for Dreaming Of You from their self-titled debut album in 2002. I just love James Skelly's voice in this, and musically it's a real taste of classic 60s Merseybeat.

And your MP3 for the day? Another of my fave early Coral tracks, one from their only number 1 album 'Magic And Medicine'.



  1. A fantastic post Robster. I particularly agree with every syllable of the first sentence.

  2. Still can't believe how young they were when they did Dreaming of You. Sounded so gristled already. I have liked plenty of other songs by them, but I think they did their best right out of the chute. Great selections today.

  3. I'd forgotten how good this lot sounded....the little that I know of them that is. Have nothing after the 'In The Morning' single