Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Welsh Wednesday #85

Paid A Meddwl by Y Reu

Sometimes I wonder how big some Welsh bands could be if they performed in English. Not that I'd ever say anything against any act that chooses to perform in its native language; it's just that, with one or two very rare exceptions, you won't see or hear anything from non-English language acts in the mainstream UK or American media.

Take Y Reu, for example. Here's an incredibly impressive young five-piece from Caernarfon who sound like they could be the missing link between the electro-swagger of Kasabian and the bolshy heaviness of Royal Blood. They have a very "now" sound, yet you've probably never heard of them, and until they break out of Wales you probably never will. How the rest of the world is missing out just because our media doesn't believe the Welsh have anything to offer in their own language.

Y Reu (trans. The Grass) have only released a double A-sided single and an EP to date, but have played pretty much every festival in Wales in the last couple of years. Paid a Meddwl (trans. Don't Think - or something like that) is a frenetic couple of minutes, possibly their loudest to date, but a real blast of fresh air.

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  1. Woh. I wasn't expecting that. They look like some boy band ready to song about Oh Girl......
    Tres cool. It's intense. Like a pissed off U2. I'd like to hear more of what they do. Thanks, Rob.