Friday, 23 February 2018

New stuff wot sounds like old stuff #5

OK, one more of these. Couldn't resist this one. Boy Azooga come from Cardiff and will hopefully become as synonymous with Wales as Tom Jones, sheep and cheese on toast! They make a terrific noise, described by their label Heavenly as "an ensemble that swings smoothly from filmic instrumentals to a churning, rave-tinged rock that hints at both Can and their progeny in Happy Mondays."

Frontman Davey Newington comes from a very musical family - his grandfather was a jazz drummer and his parents both played in the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. He has also been part of Charlotte Church's band (as drummer) as well as numerous jazz bands and orchestras. Talented fella then.

Boy Azooga's debut album '1, 2, Kung Fu!' is due out in June, but the two singles that have emerged have already made it one of the most hotly anticipated records of the year. Here's the current song - it's short but it packs a punch. The guy at the very end of the video, by the way, is one Kliph Scurlock, former drummer with the Flaming Lips and now a Cardiff resident.


  1. Never heard of 'em, but enjoyed that tremendously.

  2. Ah, I long for my youth. The Loner Boogie has come for me.

  3. now unlike yon London mob you featured the other day, this was listenable.

  4. Excellent stuff. Thanks for that. Now available through Flying Vinyl.