Tuesday, 13 February 2018

New stuff wot sounds like old stuff #2

The new album from Shopping doesn't deliver many big surprises but it's been getting quite a bit of play in the car. I know everyone's gone a bit retro, all 80s/90s on us lately, but when you sound like a cross between the Slits and Gang of Four, that's really not a bad thing. Wild Child is taken from Shopping's third album 'The Official Body'. The video is absolutely terrible. Really, it is. It totally detracts from an otherwise most enjoyable song, so I advise you hit play then look at something else while you listen.


  1. Very good indeed, but you're dead right, whoever gave that video the green light needs a stern talking to. Did you hear 'Strike a Match' by another of Rachel's bands, Sacred Paws? One of my favourite albums of 2017.

  2. Bang on with your Slits/Gang Of Four analysis.