Thursday, 15 February 2018

New stuff wot sounds like old stuff #3

Harriette Pilbeam is Australian. Her parents called her Hatchie as a cute nickname and it sorta stuck. Having played with a few bands, she's struck out on her own and her debut EP 'Sugar & Spice' is due soon on Heavenly Records (which is probably the perfect label for her). Her first track Try created a bit of a buzz when it appeared last summer. Sure is better still, in my book. She seems to have been listening to the Cocteau Twins quite a lot, maybe some Lush too. That's not a criticism, this is shimmering, glistening indiepop at its finest.


  1. You're on a roll Robster. This is quite lovely - it feels (and looks) like 1991 all over again. The chorus is very reminiscent of 'You To Me Are Everything' by The Real Thing - one for the teenagers.

  2. Just caught up with your posts. You’ve become downright prolific! Enjoyed this clip. Completely new to me. Would love a chance to see British Sea Power. I hopped onboard from the start, but I have lost track of them a bit in recent times. I can see now that’s a real shame.

  3. It's a straight up homage to Pearl by Chapterhouse...both great tunes.