Saturday, 27 August 2016

The Genius Of Nick Cave

#13: Straight To You

Widely regarded as one of the Bad Seeds' finest moments, Straight To You not only featured in many best songs of 1992 lists, it also subsequently appeared in the NME's '500 Greatest Songs Of All Time' published in 2014. It appeared on my fave Cave album 'Henry's Dream' and also has one of my fave Cave videos. As a single, it reached a criminally low #68 in the UK charts, which is all you need to ever know about the tastes of the British record-buying public. This was the same year that Bryan Adams spent 16 weeks at number one. Bryan-fucking-Adams - a guy not even fit to lick the shit from Nick's shoes. The more I think about it, MrsRobster and I should have had this played at our wedding. When I think what we went through in our early years together only to still be here some 20 years later, it seems to tell our story. I could never say that about Bryan-fucking-Adams, that's for sure!


  1. Blimey - didn't Nick have a lot of hair back then? A simply wondrous song.

  2. Can't really explain why, but this has never been one of my favourites. Just never really taken to it.......