Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Welsh Wednesday 100

Look Horizon by John Cale

So this is it. The century has been reached, and (for the time being at least) so has the end of Welsh Wednesdays. I think it's run its course but it's been a lot of fun and I may well revive it at some point as I still have quite a few tunes I want to feature, as well as what will inevitably be lots of new stuff. 

It's interesting when you do a long-running series such as this. I've found that some things I think will go down really well garner very little interest at all, while some other unlikely posts end up being quite popular. I just cannot predict you lot!

Anyway, to round things off in fitting style (for now), we return to one of Wales' most legendary and innovative artists. Someone (Dirk, maybe) recommended John Cale's 2003 album 'Hobo Sapien' some time back. It was his first album in seven years and was a major critical success. It's not an easy record to listen to in places, but then that's exactly what you expect from Cale. It has a heavily electronic sound, contrasting dark, ominous moments with bright, poppy twists.

There's a hidden track in the pregap, a re-recorded version of Set Me Free which originally featured on Cale's previous record 'Walking On Locusts'. It's a wonderful track, and I was tempted to post that one, but instead I went for Look Horizon. Very Bowie-esque, I think, though I'm hesitant to compare Cale with anyone as he's more likely to have influenced than to have been influenced. Let's not forget, Bowie made no secret of his love of the Velvet Underground. Even so, I can't help thinking Look Horizon might have fit on a number of Bowie's albums, including the last two. In case you're wondering, the female voice on this is Cale's 18-year-old daughter Eden.


A new Wednesday series starts in September, taking us beyond Welsh borders. Until we return, diolch am wrando.


  1. Congratulations on the ton Robster - an epic series
    I was totally unaware of much of the excellent music coming out of Wales
    Thanks for all the introductions particularly Gwenno and Georgia Ruth

  2. I'm a big admirer of John Cale, though seem to remember dismissing 'Hobo Sapien' on its release. A hasty mistake on my part it would seem, as this track is fabulous. Time to dig it out for further investigation.
    I've thoroughly enjoyed Welsh Wednesdays Robster and hope you come back to the series in the future.

  3. What a capper to this great series! Congratulations to you. It's been a really interesting ride.