Saturday, 6 August 2016

The Genius Of Nick Cave

#10: Henry Lee

Another fave from 'Murder Ballads', and like Stagger Lee from a few weeks back, this one also has its roots in traditional folk music. This one, however, hails from Scotland. The tale is told here. Nick roped in Polly Harvey to sing the female character. The pair hit it off in such a big way, they had a rather passionate, if short-lived, love affair. Fortunately, there was no bad blood between them when they broke up, unlike poor Henry Lee and his vengeful spurned lover. The chemistry between Nick and Polly is evident in this marvellous video - a single four-minute shot that portrays more messages than a thousand words could ever hope to. Come on - it's Nick Cave and PJ Harvey. Could there ever be a more perfect combination?

A trailer for the new Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds album and Concert Movie event has just been released. In it, Nick talks of something "so catastrophic" happening to a person, it changes them forever. He is, of course, alluding to the tragic death of his teenage son Arthur last year. Intense and moving.


  1. The movie is having a one performance only showing in a cinema not too far away. Hopefully, I'll be there.

  2. Great song - you can see the chemistry in action