Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Welsh Wednesday #91

Are You Satisfied? by Marina & The Diamonds

Marina Lambrini Diamandis is not a typical Welsh name, yet she was born in the valley town of Brynmawr and grew up in the border village of Pandy, attending school in Monmouth. She released her first music through the internet where she gained a steady but loyal following. Before long, she was snapped up by 679 Recordings who, in 2010, put out her debut album 'The Family Jewels'. That's when things took off.

The single Hollywood reached #12 in the UK chart, its follow-up I Am Not A Robot was also a sizeable hit. 'The Family Jewels' received masses of critical acclaim, and the subsequent tour took in a hugely successful slot on the John Peel stage at Glastonbury. Marina cites Madonna, PJ Harvey, Brody Dalle and Daniel Johnston among her biggest influences, though I'm not sure you can pinpoint any of those in her sound.

Marina's second album 'Electra Heart' disappointed the critics though, and I can't remember a single track on it. Last year's 'Froot' was better received, but her debut remains unsurpassed. I played it quite a lot when it came out, perhaps the poppiest thing I was listening to at the time. Are You Satisfied? was the opening track and is, for me, a high point.


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  1. Madonna and Daniel Johnston... not two names you see together... ever. I haven't heard anything from that second album, but that first one was really something. Nice pick at No. 91. Ninety-one! Wow!