Saturday, 4 June 2016

The Genius Of Nick Cave

With the news that a new Nick Cave album and live film is due in September, I present a new series. And one with a difference as this series will not contain any MP3s, but will instead be conducted through the medium of film. Nick Cave is something of a genius, I think we're all agreed, and I'm going to feature some of his finest moments spanning his entire career. Each week there will be a video accompanied by just a few words. I tend to be rather gushing when it comes to writing about Nick, and it's not necessary. You can hear everything in his music. So on to the first one...

#1: Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!

The title track of the Bad Seeds' 14th album is an absolute corker. I love it that Nick forgets the words, but they leave it in the video regardless. The pornstar moustache steals the show...


  1. Excellent idea Robster. A genius for sure - and what a mover!

  2. Good song this one. I'm that rare beast, a casual Cave fan. I love some of his stuff but I don't need it all.

  3. Likewise SA but he has produced some belters

  4. This is going to be superb as he's made countless great promos over the years not to mention made loads of great live apperances that have been captured for posterity.

    Great start. Tune and self-deprecating video too. One of the few dark haired men who can look cool(ish) in a brown suit.