Saturday, 30 April 2016

The Devil's Music

The Devil's Chasing Me by The Reverend Horton Heat

I love the Reverend. He really fucking kicks ass, seriously. If the Devil really was chasing him, my money would be on Reverend Jim leaving ol' Lucifer for dust. It'd be a hell of a chase, all the same. Definitely going to give you some more of his tunes in the future, but for now here's The Devil's Chasing Me from his second album released in 1994.


Now I don't normally do such things for this series, but I couldn't not post this performance of Jim and the boys playing this song a couple years back. Exceptional!


  1. Fucking great - a real devil's tune. Always good the hear the Reverend

  2. I would ech Walter's comment - always good to hear the Reverand

  3. Hey man! I didn't know you had a blog spot???!! Brian was keeping me from you! Ha! Can I play here too?? (love the Prince track.....)

    1. Hey Kevin, bring the fun. You're more than welcome here.