Saturday, 16 April 2016

The Devil's Music

Satan's New Wave Soul Losers by Love Tractor

Love Tractor were one of the so-called founders of the Athens, GA. music scene. The scene would include the B-52's, Pylon and R.E.M. among its most prominent names. Love Tractor never really got beyond the college radio circuit, but they did do a much-heralded cover of Kraftwerk's Neon Lights. Today's track has the best title of all those in the series so far. What exactly is a 'new wave soul loser', and who would be a good example of one?



  1. The only idea I have about New Wave Soul Losers is that they mean bands that didn't made it big - like Love Tractor for examplae

  2. From this definition I have a few on the shelves

  3. Like CC, in a nutshell, that's my record collection. We all seem to have nuts on the brain today. I haven't heard a ton from Love Tractor, but I have liked every song that has come my way.

  4. Have read a lot about this lot in various REM bios....but this is the first I think I've seen them mentioned in the various blogs I should frequent more often.

    Sadly,I've of course come to the party waaaaay too late to hear the soing in question