Monday, 25 April 2016

It Came From Japan #10: Tricot

So we've had shoegaze, punk-pop, doom metal and experimental noise throughout this series. How about some math-rock to wrap things up? I know, stupid labels and categorisations - especially 'Math-rock'. Like wtf is that? This, maybe...

Great video, isn't it? Tricot have been going for about 6 years now and have put out a number of EPs and two albums (entitled 'T H E' and 'A N D'...). They were a four-piece until their drummer quit citing the tried and tested "musical differences" as the reason for her departure. She's never been replaced, which is probably why all three remaining members have a go playing drums in the video for E above. In fact, their second album featured five different drummers.

They're touring again now to promote new EP 'Kabuku' from which the single Pork Ginger is taken:

Regrettably I missed their show in Cardiff recently as I only found out about it a few days before and already had stuff planned. They're apparently awesome live, which doesn't make me feel any better having missed them! Such is their live appeal that they are getting quite a lot of good press outside their native Japan, especially in the UK and US which makes a change for a non-English language act. We could be hearing quite a bit more from Tricot in the not too distant future. I hope so, anyway.


So that's it from the Land Of The Rising Sun for the time being. I've really enjoyed this series. Wonder where I'll take you next...?


  1. A great series Robster - thanks

  2. I can feel my partner's mood worsening the longer I play these.....