Saturday, 2 April 2016

The Devil's Music

Devil's Spoke by Laura Marling

If anyone has anything bad to say about Laura Marling, they can just about blimmin' well come and say it to me first! Laura is a treasure, even when she invokes the spirit of Robert Johnson. Especially so, in fact. Devil's Spoke came as something of a surprise. It opened her second album 'I Speak Because I Can', and perhaps because of the folky melancholy of her debut, blew me well off kilter. It's still very folky - acoustic guitars, banjo, etc - but dark and ominous too. On Devil's Spoke Laura showed the first signs of her inner rocker.



  1. A very important and impressive artist.

  2. An artist of whom I know next to nothing other than a lot of folk like her! Anyone fancy coming up with an ICA?