Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Welsh Wednesday #57

How Come by The Earth

I'm struggling to maintain momentum with this series of late. Interest in it amongst readers has reached an all-time low. So I'm really hoping this week's song is the one that can turn things around and convince you all that Wales truly is the epicentre of popular music. To be fair, it is an absolute belter.

The genesis of The Earth came about when Dafydd Ieuan (drummer of Super Furry Animals) was making music with The Peth, who also featured the vocal talents of Dionne Bennett. Later, at a family wedding, Daf bumped into Mark Thomas, formerly of Catatonia. The pair teamed up to write songs for Dionne, but it soon became clear that a band was evolving and, along with bassist Tristan Marley (ex-The Scooters), The Earth became a bonafide four-piece.

The band's debut album 'Off/On 1' is just wonderful; 36 minutes of Northern Soul infused with a touch of psychedelia and a hint of Welsh rock. Dionne Bennett uses her voice smartly, never over-singing yet belting it out when the mood calls for it. Last year's follow-up 'Keltic Voodoo Boogaloo' was less retro and soul with more emphasis on the rock and psychedelic elements. It's no less invigorating and enjoyable though.

So the series-saving song? How Come is from The Earth's debut and just knocks me for six whenever I hear it. Listen to it and tell me you're unmoved. Tell me the Welsh scene has nothing to offer you. Go on - tell me; I dare you.



  1. A new name to me. An infectious sound - I like it a lot.

  2. The fact you have managed over 50 posts in this series is extremely commendable Robster

  3. Well, I enjoyed and still enjoy this series a lot, Robster, despite of the fact that I don't leave enough comments. Also you shouldn't finish it until having featured Teen Anthems and Armstrong!

  4. I for one am hoping you'll segue this into a Welsh-national-football-team-song-for-Euro-2016 Wednesdays in the future.

  5. Never heard of this band (obviously) but this is a damned fine song, Robster