Monday, 26 October 2015

It Came From Japan #5: Asian Kung-Fu Generation

It's dawned on me that this series has been somewhat female dominated up to now. Nowt wrong with that per se (just ask Dirk), but I thought I should include at least one all male band. Asian Kung-Fu Generation have a really crap name, but their brand of punk-influenced rock 'n' roll disguises that somewhat.

There are not many bands that feature on this blog that can boast number one singles, but AKG is one such act. They have also attracted worldwide success, with non-Japanese fans once petitioning to get the band's second album 'Sol-Fa' released outside Japan. It worked. The band has also found fame through anime with their music being used in episodes of various series.

Each year, Asian Kung-Fu Generation host their own music festival in Yokohama, attracting artists from all over the world. Ash, Weezer, Tegan & Sarah and the Stereophonics have all played sets there over the years as well as a host of Japanese acts. AKG's eighth studio album 'Wonder Future' was released in May, and next year they celebrate their 20th anniversary. With the line-up remaining constant since they formed, and with their popularity showing no signs of waning, this is something of a real achievement.

I've chosen two songs that will be more than familiar to fans of the band, but to everyone else, they act as a more than worthy introduction.


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  1. Of course there is nothing wrong with too much females in this series, but why ask me??!