Saturday, 17 October 2015

Autumnal covers #7

Following on from last week's post which you may have missed, two more Kate Bush covers this week. Way, way back in time (like the mid-90s), when I was working for my then local rag, I saw China Drum. A local promoter was trying to bring some bigger bands to the area. China Drum were creating a buzz nationally and were available. He booked them for a new venue he managed to get into. This was probably his biggest mistake. For the venue was a pub in the mid-Devon village of Bow. In the middle of bloody nowhere. There were about 12 people there. For what it's worth, China Drum were actually pretty good, and they played their full-blooded version of Wuthering Heights.

Ra Ra Riot hail from Syracuse, NY. Their debut album came out in 2008 and it featured a version of one of Kate's oddest songs, Suspended In Gaffa, from my fave album of hers 'The Dreaming'. It's OK, but fails to set my pulse racing in the way our Kate does. But you have to salute their gumption for trying. They've not made a total hash of it, it's just a bit... meh! That's not something Kate was ever guilty of.


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