Monday, 5 October 2015

This Monday Reggae Feeling

Lion Rock by Culture

Now if there's a reggae band that knew a damn good tune, it was Culture. They've made some cracking songs over the years, their most famous being Two Sevens Clash and The International Herb. Both are more than worthy of being included in this series, but for me, Lion Rock wins out every time.

Singer Joseph Hill played with bands and deejayed around Jamaica for several years before forming Culture in 1976. He was the only constant member of the band for 30 years, releasing no fewer than 19 albums, before his death in 2006. He is regarded as one of reggae's greatest voices - and rightly so. Culture continue to this day, Hill's son Kenyatta now fronting the band.

Lion Rock was the title track of Culture's eighth studio album released in 1982. That same year, the band recorded their first of four sessions for John Peel. Included in the set was this brilliant version of Lion Rock which I have to admit I prefer to the studio cut. An outstanding four and a half minutes of Jamaican bliss.



  1. Good to hear some love for a different period of Culture. 'Two Sevens Clash' is such a magnificent LP that it can easily seem to dwarf the rest of their career. You're dead right though, the band made plenty more great albums. Ace selection.

  2. One of my favourite Peel sessions. Culture at their finest. Thanks for this.

  3. I love a bit of Culture me..... (sorry)

  4. They played in Negril, Jamaica in 2004 one (!!) day after I had to fly back home again from my honeymoon .... bugger!!!