Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Welsh Wednesday #53

Sunset Veranda by The Peth

During a short period of down time between their last two albums, the members of Super Furry Animals engaged in some solo projects. Drummer Dafydd Ieuan needed "an excuse to spend large chunks of time in a recording studio", so he called upon some mates to form a new band. SFA bassist Guto Pryce came aboard along with the Gwynedd brothers Meilyr and Osian of Sibrydion, two very early SFA members Dic Ben and singer-cum-Hollywood actor Rhys Ifans, and a couple other friends and associates. The band was christened The Peth (peth being Welsh for 'thing').

In 2008, they released an album entitled 'The Golden Mile', preceded by the charmingly-titled single Let's Go Fucking Mental. Its sound was as one might expect - rather psychedelic and progressive - but perhaps a little faster and rockier than either of the two parent bands. One of the record's highlights is Sunset Veranda which features vocals from Ifans and Dionne Bennett who Dafydd would go on to work with in The Earth.

A second Peth album, 'Crystal Peth' was recorded in 2012 but is yet to be released. Dafydd wants Ifans to be on board with any release schedule but "I don’t even know what continent he’s on these days, so I’ve just been waiting by the telephone for the right time to release it. Maybe I should just take the hint and release it anyway!"

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