Monday, 14 September 2015

This Monday Reggae Feeling #1

A new series for Mondays. No one likes Mondays, but a bit of sunshine in your life as you go into the week can't ever be a bad thing. So with that in mind, I present This Monday Reggae Feeling, a monthly series featuring my choice of reggae delights. I'm looking forward to this as there are some steaming tunes just waiting to be shared. So many in fact, I wondered where to start.

I settled on a track that I decided to name the series after. There is a new collection of Trojan Records singles that has just been released, and it opens with this wonderfully uplifting track. This Monday Morning Feeling was a hit for Tito Simon, reaching number 45 in the UK in 1975. It really should have got higher. One heck of a way to start the week.



  1. Great minds think alike! I too am prepping a new series of strictly reggae posts to compliment my long running Saturday Scratch series. This Monday Reggae Feeling will be an excellent way to kick off the week and I'm looking forward to hearing what's to come. Tito's tune is a fine place to start. Rewind selector!

  2. Reggae is a most un-Mondayish thing- go for it.