Friday, 25 September 2015

Just because...

I need no reason whatsoever to post some Sister Rosetta Tharpe, so here is arguably the most influential female in rock 'n' roll - the person who many point to as inventing the rock guitar solo. Before Chuck Berry. Before Carl Perkins. Before Bill Haley. She was years ahead of the lot of them. If this ain't Friday music, I don't know what is!


I just can't let this post go without posting this classic clip from 1964 - Sister Rosetta playing Didn't It Rain and Trouble In Mind on a wet and blustery train station platform just outside Manchester. Honestly. The story of the gig is here, but just enjoy the clip first. It's as joyous as joy can get.


  1. Fantastic song and clip.An apt choice for Manchester!

  2. I never tire of watching this brilliant clip. As joyous as joy can get - you got it right there.

  3. Going for seconds... too good.