Monday, 21 September 2015

It Came From Japan #4: Kinoco Hotel

Kinoco Hotel is probably the best looking band in Japan. I dare you to argue. Their sound is very reminiscent of sixties beat groups and garage bands. They dress like hotel concierges, though in all honesty I've never stayed in a hotel that has concierges that look like Kinoco Hotel. All good fun, of course, but are they any good? Well darn it, do you think they'd be on this blog if they weren't?

Each member of Kinoco Hotel past and present has curiously adopted a French forename. Led by singer/organist/dominatrix Marianne Shinonome, the band has to date released half a dozen albums and a couple of EPs since 2008. Everything's performed in Japanese, though a few titles are in French, such as the 2013 EP 'La Contre-Attaque De Marianne', which rather awesomely replicates the cover of The Stooges' 'Raw Power'.

I only have a couple of their early records as it doesn't seem to be that easy to get hold of their stuff. However, I've chosen a couple of fine tracks for you, their titles combining to give you the two colours of the Japanese flag. Clever, eh? I've even taken the trouble of translating the song and album titles into English. How good am I to you?

I have to say, they look a little daft but strangely sexy at the same time. They do, however, sound undisputedly groovy, in an Austin Powers kind of way.


And for an extra little bit of titillation, here's the video for Kinokonotoriko (which doesn't seem to have a translation), also from 'The Ecstasy Of Marianne':


  1. Speaking as a man who works for a Japanese company and who had a half-Japanese girlfriend 17 years ago, I can say with some authority: this video was simply awesome!

    Also I need a shower now ..... phew!!

  2. That video needs no translation.