Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Welsh Wednesday #52

#52: Jezahel by Shirley Bassey

When I started this series, I swore blind I wasn't going to pander to the common public and media expectation of Wales by including Sir Tom and Dame Shirl. But I did Tom Jones' cracking collaboration with Jack White. Then I was reminded of this track, an absolutely belting soul number from the Girl from Tiger Bay and just couldn't resist.

Of course, most of you will instantly recognise the chorus, though if you're not sure where from, I've included it as a secret bonus track at the bottom of the post. Ms Bassey was recently back in her home city to officially open the new section of the Children's Hospital For Wales, which adjoins the very hospital I work at. To think, I was just yards away from a global singing superstar. I didn't see her though, I was too busy working...

If you caught her Glastonbury performance in 2007, you'll know she hasn't lost the power in her voice. Her most recent album came out last November just a couple months before her 78th birthday. Whether we like it or not, there's no denying Shirley Bassey is synonymous with Wales, although she has spent many years living in Monaco (where else?!). I'm not familiar with much of her work other than the obvious ones, but I just love Jezahel. What a tune!

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  1. Like you, I only know the biggies, but I have to say her performance at the Academy Awards in 2013 was really impressive. She's schooled those other Bond singers.