Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Welsh Wednesday #47

#47: World Cup Drumming by Mclusky

Mclusky were one of Wales' most best-loved bands around the beginning of the last decade. Their raucous brand of punk coupled with often hilarious and surreal vocals courtesy of Andrew 'Falco' Falcous led to them recording two Peel Sessions and gaining three Festive 50 entries. They were also a fave of Colin Murray on Radio One who once played their 2003 single Undress For Success three times in the same show!

The band split in 2005, but Falco and drummer Jack Egglestone - along with fellow Cardiffians Kelson Mathias and Hywel Evans of prog-rockers Jarcrew - formed Future Of The Left. This band has recently started to throw old Mclusky songs into their set, and last year a new Mclusky lineup - featuring Falco, Egglestone, current FotL bassist Julia Ruzicka and Damien Sayell of St. Pierre Snake Invasion - performed a benefit show in Newport. Dubbed 'mclusky', this line-up has been playing a few more shows of late.

Today's Welsh Wednesday track, World Cup Drumming, was the closing number on Mclusky's snappily-titled debut album 'My Pain And Sadness Is More Sad And Painful Than Yours'.

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  1. One of my favourite bands. I constantly play "There Ain't No Fool In Ferguson"