Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Welsh Wednesday #44

#44: Lemming by Melys

I featured Melys' classic single Chinese Whispers right back in the early days of this series (it was #3, in fact). The reason I've returned to them is because this song cropped up on a self-made compilation I was playing in the car recently and I decided it deserved a post.

Lemming was a single taken from the band's debut album 'Rumours And Curses', released in 1998 and is a tale of a rather unstable woman scorned. It's actually quite vicious: "I'll cover you in kisses and rip out your nails." Ouch! Our protagonist knows she's not all there though: "I'm agitated / Spasmodic / Inconsistent / A touch erotic." You certainly wouldn't want to cross this woman, I tell you. The song itself actually sounds a little unhinged in places. There's all sorts of things happening in it, a few unsettling noises that linger around and some menacing piano fills that roll in and out, taunting us then laughing about it.

"You didn't know what you let yourself in for," she spits. Now let that be a lesson to us...


  1. Great to see Melys on Welsh Wednesday again. I haven't heard this song in years, good to play it again.

  2. I first heard Melys on John Peel's show. That bloke knew his onions.
    It was of those times when as soon as the record played it had your immediate attention.