Friday, 31 July 2015

Just because...

August is going to be a bit quieter around here. Because it's summer, because MrsRobster and I are off work for a fortnight, because she and TheMadster have birthdays (the latter being a rather special one...), and because I need time to write more articles, I shall only make two posts per week. Welsh Wednesday will continue as normal, and a mix of stuff will appear on Saturdays. Come September, it's business as usual with a couple new ideas coming to fruition too.

Today, I'm posting something new JUST BECAUSE I love it. CLOWwNS hail from Brighton and their debut album has just been unleashed. Their racket is everso slightly silly, but highly energetic. The track Trousers has been getting some airplay on 6Music. It's rather splendid. Idiot Bouncing was the first single from the new record, but rather than offer up the MP3 directly, I'm sending you to the official free download page so you can grab it from there in exchange for an email address. I shall be checking tour dates cos if they happen to be in this neck of the woods I'll be popping along. Enjoy.


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  1. Yep, this is great and going down well with my first coffee of the morning - not sure if the neighbours would agree though. Sounds like you've got an enjoyable August stretching out before you - have fun!