Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Welsh Wednesday #46

#46: Death To Los Campesinos! by Los Campesinos!

Los Campesinos! have the unique characteristic of being (probably) the only Welsh band with no Welsh members. They all met at Cardiff University in 2006 and fast became a favourite on the local music scene. They are very much regarded as a Welsh band and remain based in the capital. The line-up has fluctuated over the years, though the core trio of Neil, Gareth and Tom has remained intact. Coincidentally, each band member, past and present, has the surname Campesinos! With an exclamation mark. I've never met anyone with that name, so you'd think they would struggle for members, wouldn't you.

The emphasis of Los Campesinos! is definitely on pop. They've dabbled in various genres over the years, but have never strayed far from pop music. They always sound like they are having a whale of a time.

Today's Welsh Wednesday choice is one of the band's early tracks and features the original line-up. It opened their debut album 'Hold On Now, Youngster' in 2008, but an earlier version appeared on their 2006 demo tape (curiously also titled 'Hold On How, Youngster'). Admittedly I never really followed Los Campesinos! a great deal and wouldn't call myself a fan, but this is a great single.

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