Friday, 10 July 2015

50 songs to take to my grave #34: Come To The Bar

I'm not going to get all deep and emotional about this one. It's one of the most recent of all the tracks in this series, yet it has all the ingredients of a great pop song that will stand the test of time. I deliberated on whether I should include the album 'One Thousand Pictures' in the 20 Albums series - it is a corker, and its closing track Half Moon Street is as worthy of a place in this series as Come To The Bar. The reason I went for this track alone though is because of the way it sneaked up on me.

I heard it a couple times on 6Music. Marc Reilly played it and raved about the band. Steve Lamacq gave it a spin too. From initially floating over my head to dropping anchor in my brain's melody region and refusing to budge, Come To The Bar soon established itself as a firm fave. I mean, what's not to like? The way the chorus kicks in, that high "hooooooome" that comes from nowhere, the fun imagery of the lyrics ("d-d-d-dancing around until the carpet's wearing thin"). But above all - what. a. choon.

Singer Tom Sanders says his lyrics are largely streams of consciousness, but I think Come To The Bar really isn't that random. It's a welcoming song to an old friend who may well have been through a rough time.

"Just stop everything and think about coming home for a while.
It doesn't matter what happened to you, you're my crocodile."

OK, the crocodile bit's a tad random, but otherwise "It doesn't matter at all, just come to the bar" cannot have too many different connotations. It's a wonderfully uplifting song and one that might just get the folks at my funeral tapping their feet. That's if they're not tramping the dirt down, of course...

Sadly, Pete And The Pirates split after 'One Thousand Pictures', but three fifths of them went on to form Teleman who have become one of MrsRobster's fave bands. They are very good, but to date haven't come close to anything as good as Come To The Bar.

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  1. Such a great album. This song and "United" are personal favorites. I think "United" cribs from the coda of the dEUS song "Instant Street" but I would never hold that against Pete & The Pirates.