Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Welsh Wednesday #29

#29: Cerdded by Yr Ods

Yr Ods (trans: The Odds) formed at Aberystwyth University in 2006, though members hail mainly from Bangor. To date they have released two full-length albums, the most recent of which was 'Llithro' in 2013. The band has been in the studio of late, but will be venturing out on the festival circuit over the summer.

Today's track comes from the 2011 debut 'Troi A Throsi'. Cerdded (trans: walking/move on) is a terrific example of 60s-influenced pop, a really catchy tune with a chorus that even non-Welsh speakers can sing. Yep, it's bi-lingual with Welsh verses and an English chorus.

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  1. Never heard of them, but what a great tune. Big, ambitious and 60's influenced. Really enjoyed this one.