Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Welsh Wednesday #28

#28: Hapus? by Colorama

Colorama formed in Cardiff in 2007. Its frontman and only constant member is Carwyn Ellis, who hails from Anglesey. He's had a busy career, even if you're not familiar with his name. Over the years he's worked with the likes of Oasis, UNKLE, Roddy Frame, Shane MacGowan, and Edwyn Collins with whom he has an established collaborative relationship.

To date, Colorama have released four full-length albums, though oddly their debut 'Cookie Zoo' was released only in Japan, only being made available in 2013 on iTunes. Today's tune Hapus? (trans: Happy?) was a stand-alone 12" single issued in 2012, though it was compiled on 'Mere Dewn!', a compilation of their Welsh language songs from 2007 to 2013. It's a rather blissed-out affair, a little transcendental and Balearic, even. It doesn't sound much like Wales in March, but we can all do with a nice relaxing few minutes in the sun this time of year, can't we? So in the absence of that, here's your soundtrack.

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  1. Rather lovely. I know I have one of their four albums in my collection and hearing this made me look for it. Can't find the bugger anywhere though.