Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Genius of... Jack White #8

Apple Of My Eye by The Upholsterers

One of Jack's lesser known projects was the band he briefly formed with his boss while working as a furniture maker in Detroit. The White Stripes were a going concern at the time, having released two albums. Nevertheless, White's desire to make music with anyone who would work with him resulted in The Upholsterers. White played guitar and sang, while Brian Muldoon - who Jack was working for as an apprentice - played drums.

They released just one single, the three-track 7" EP 'Makers Of High Grade Suites' in 2000. The lead track was a Jack White song entitled Apple Of My Eye and to all intents and purposes sounded like early White Stripes with better drumming. White squawks his trademark vocals while Muldoon beats the skins to within an inch of their lives. It's kind of what you expect really, but I do rather like it if I'm being honest.

The other two songs are short cover versions: Willie Dixon's Ain't Superstitious and Pain (Gimme Sympathy) by 60s outsider guitarist Jack Starr. Only about 150 copies of the single were pressed, and it is one of the most collectable and valuable items in White's discography; copies occasionally crop up online
if you're lucky - for a few hundred dollars a time!

Legend has it that a second Upholsterers single was pressed and that while working for Muldoon, White hid copies inside the furniture they made. Reports on his website suggest that two copies are known to have been found. But we all know how Jack has always liked to spin a good yarn...

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