Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Genius of... David Gedge #9

#9: Spiderman On Hollywood by The Wedding Present

2008's 'El Rey' is sadly not regarded as Gedge's finest work, which is a shame as it's got some excellent songs on it.  Spiderman On Hollywood, for instance, is one of my fave Gedge tunes post-reformation. It's a song about things - in this case, and in typical Gedge fashion, a relationship - not always being what they first appear.  Musically it's not far removed from 'Bizarro'-era Weddoes. Lyrically it's also one of Gedge's best, his wit shining through as much as in any song he's written.

  "I thought I saw a superhero but it was just Spiderman on Hollywood
  I thought I saw a supermodel but she had hair where I don't think she should."

One of our Dave's favourite topics is that of failing relationships. While most of them tend to be bitter and resentful, this one seems to be a more amicable split with the protagonist seemingly accepting of his own misplaced assumptions and naïveté.

  "That's what's so funny, honey
  You looked like my girl for so long
  That I thought you would always be beside me
  But I'll be the first to admit I was wrong."

There are a few other dead good tracks on 'El Rey'. It's a somewhat lighter record than its predecessor 'Take Fountain', harking back to some classic Wedding Present reference points. Spiderman on Hollywood is probably its most illustrative number.

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