Saturday, 28 March 2015

The Genius Of... Tim Smith #9

 #9: Tarred And Feathered by Cardiacs

Pretty much everything you ever needed to know about Cardiacs can be encapsulated in just three songs: Dirty Boy, Is This The Life and Tarred And Feathered. The latter is just a marvellous ditty of the very oddest variety. It is blessed with Tim's ridiculous genius in every sense: fucked-up time signatures - check; big, bold, singalong bits - check; indecipherable lyrics - check; unashamed silliness - biiiiig check...

  "I find I understand the rules but cannot find the reasons."

Indeed; never a truer line written by the great man. Tarred And Feathered is a miraculous work. How such a song came into being in the first place is a wonder, but the fact it is one of the band's best-loved tracks is a bleedin' marvel.

AND... it has probably the greatest video of all-time. Or not. You decide.

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  1. Tarred and Feathered. Absolutely brilliant, just brilliant.