Friday 5 May 2023

Some songs (part 1)

I just felt the urge to share a few tracks that I've been enjoying this year. There will probably be two or three posts to fulfil this agenda. I'll let you get back to your lives then. So in no particular order:

Das Koolies are basically Super Furry Animals minus Gruff Rhys. And they are, as you would expect, UTTERLY BRILLIANT. Their debut album is coming later in the year, and an EP was released a couple months ago. Here's the title track of said EP:

I know next to nothing about Sleaze, but when Steve Lamacq played Daffodils on his 6 Music show recently I was smitten. Think a little bit Pulp, a little bit Divine Comedy and a little bit Lawrence (Felt, Denim, Go-Kart Mozart, etc.)... Despite the jaunty tune, it's a rather sad, almost tragic song about someone desperately trying to save his ultimately doomed marriage.

Finishing today on a raucous high. Lambrini Girls is a crap band name, but when their guitars crunch like this, who cares? Another band I know little about, but that will be rectified.


  1. Didn't know about Das Koolies, but I'm a big fan of SFA. Adding this one to the shopping list.

  2. Is anyone else around these parts old enough to remember Action Pact? Lambrini Girls remind me of them a bit, with their similarly spoken/shouted vocal style. Stirring stuff indeed.
    Good to hear from you TheRobster.

  3. You might have kept quiet for a while, but three superb tunes on offer here. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!