Wednesday, 27 May 2020

The Lockdown posts: Welsh Wednesday 2020 #2

It's All About The Dolphins by Das Koolies

Super Furry Animals have been in hibernation for some time now. Sure, they peeked out of their burrow briefly during Euro 2016 to sing for the Welsh team, and individually they've been busy with various forays overground. Back in the day though, they often mentioned a mysterious outfit called Das Koolies, a kind of Super Furry Animals from a parallel universe. Well, the thing is, while they are still officially sleeping, four Furries have revealed themselves to be Das Koolies and made some wonderful music together.

Bunf, Cian, Daf and Guto released a bloody superb debut single back in January. It's a throbbing, bass-heavy slab of psychedelic electro-pop about a super not-so-furry species. It's All About The Dolphins melted my brain without additional substances back in the winter, so lord only knows what it could have done this summer if there was a party season. If Ibiza was Welsh, this is what it would be sounding like in 2020, coronavirus or no coronavirus.

No idea if an album is on the way, I really hope so if this is anything to go by. But you know what these guys are like. Maybe if Wales do well again at the rescheduled Euros next year, we might get another few minutes out of them.

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