Tuesday, 5 May 2020

The Lockdown posts: Alternative Kitchen Disco #5

I think MrsRobster may have just peaked, because I don't think even she can top this one! Mind, I'm not sure if it translates as well overseas. Do you get Cadbury's Heroes outside the UK? Whatever, a day free of cooking and just eating chocolate is not a bad idea, particularly in the current climate. Anyway, it provoked a proper bellylaugh from me which made her happy.

On Sunday night, MrsRobster made one of her famous vegetable casseroles, so I was tasked with cooking up the accompaniments. This was done to the latest album by ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. Their tenth album 'X: The Godless Void and Other Stories' was one of the earliest releases of 2020 and is one of my most-played records of the year. If you know Trail Of Dead's music, you kind of know what to expect, suffice to say they have really picked up their form again with the last couple of albums. This one is pretty intense in places, and repeated listens are rewarding. My favourite song on it is Blaze Of Wind, but that doesn't have a video, so here's the excellent title track instead.

Torres (aka MacKenzie Scott) has been a little hit and miss for me over the years. Her last album in particular left me cold, though I think I was swayed by her insistence on making videos that strayed into soft porn territory. I'm not into anyone who has to try and shock people to that extent and I kind of switch off. This time around though, she's nailed it. 'Silver Tongue' is a fantastic album. Often understated but heartfelt - and some really good songs as well. Dressing America is one of my favourites of 2020.

My homemade playlist today comes from our beloved Lush. On 30th May 1994, Lush took the then unusual step of releasing two singles on the same day to precede their third album 'Split'. Desire Lines and Hypocrite couldn't have been more different to each other - the former is slow, brooding and lasting in excess of seven minutes, the latter an acerbic three-minute blast of pop punk which hinted at the band's future direction. For me, 'Split' is Lush at their pinnacle, a soaring ride of emotion. I couldn't decide which of the two videos to post as I love them both, so what the hell, I'm feeling generous. And a double dose of Miki Berenyi at her finest is as good as it gets. *sigh*

(The "thwack" noise you may have just heard is from MrsRobster's open hand making contact with my head...)

Lush broke through, finally, to the mainstream with their next album before tragedy struck and it all came screeching to a halt. Imagine how big they might have been.

More kitchen capers at the weekend.